Janete Mehl

About me

The project Reflecting water is a thorough search of the water element, in which the artist shows many possibilities for reading on the subject.

The water under an artistic vision and aesthetic movement and pigmentation.

Images of water and their being submerged and also the abstraction of these beings, when it is diluted in the vision of the artist.

Water from the perspective of transformation.

Water and its direction.

Water and its mirrors, which is the artist who reflects his life and feelings, and try to pass a certain drama, knowing that these panels are accompanied by texts linked to emotions experienced by the artist during the execution of the work.

Water as poetry.

Water as music.

Based on the improvement of techniques and seeking dialogue and understanding with the viewer, the works, and take knowledge, propose to make a connection between the theme Water as an object of production, bringing the creator with his audience.


The underwater world and aquatic life have always exercised great fascination over people. And this universe is that the artist chose to interpret Janete Mehl through painting.

The art of Janete is like diving in shallow, warm tropical oceans at a depth where sunlight still waters of blue dye, and marine life shines in exotic forms and exuberant colors.

With great mastery, and color balance in the forms and dimensions, the artist imagines and develops underwater caves, in which various forms of fish swim against the reflections of light between the moving water.

The theory of evolution says that life began in water, hence, perhaps, this ancient attraction to the sea and the diverse life forms that populate it. Our fascination is greater in proportion as Janete Mehl develops its theme with brushstrokes create safe and aquatic environments with beauty and sensitivity.

Observe the work of the artist is to get lost in a place of kaleidoscopic colors, we face is a work content serene and restful, it is bet on the magic of art.

Francisco Souto Neto
Lawyer, journalist and art critic

It is with great pleasure that I follow the career success of this great artist, coming on the list of true classical art and its specialties, the inherent sensitivity of their own character, in this noble mission and educational at the expense of perseverance to arrive at self criticism improvement, looking at the sky and the ocean depths and shoals of fish (Christian symbol), where the crest is Janet Mehl, talented artist, setting an example worthy to be admired and encouraged by the true critics, who know how to distinguish the chaff from the wheat.

Prof. Raimundo Jaskulski
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